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We are all on this planet for a purpose and it is no accident that you are here at this important point in time. If you are interested in helping humanity, in energy work, Light Work, Healing or in Ascension you will find the possibilities for all of these means of service through these training courses.

During a life time, a life quest is divided into smaller goals with learnings and achievements. As one task is completed or a goal is realised, another appears on the horizon until one fulfils all the tasks and steps towards the achievement of the Quest itself.

Anyone who is committed to following their Path can join us. You do not have to belong to any religious or spiritual group. All are welcome. We are all one. There are many ways to walk the path. We offer this one, which has been designed with loving care in partnership with Ascended Masters.

You may proceed on your Spiritual adventure as slowly or as quickly as is appropriate.


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