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Pre-requisites: The Spiritual Quest™ Certificate

Level 1 Preparation for Ascension

We’re all different yet we are all one, all the children of God, all reflecting part of him. We are here to experience who we are. By experiencing what resonates with us and what does not, we know who we are and what we are not or what is no longer part of our present or future self. We do not have to understand our differences; we can just accept them and focus on our similarities. In a series of development steps, the Children of God are finding the path back to him.

This is their Spiritual Quest.
The Quest is Ascension.
Ascension is the Holy Grail.

You will be working with the Ascended Masters to increase your frequencies further so that the enhancement of energies will move you to an increased level of awareness and an enhanced level of Mastery. You will experience being at one with your Higher Self and your Soul. You will communicate and work with Masters in the Higher Spiritual Plains and gain insights and transmissions that will lift your Spirit and enable you to make connections with others in a new and special way. You will learn to travel through time and space with ease.

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