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Post Graduate Courses (Ascension Workshops - Levels 2 and 3)

Pre-requisites: Completion of Preparation for Ascension

Ascension Level 2
This workshop will increase your vibrations so that you will be able to work with the Ascended Masters to fulfil your mission on this planet. You will be empowered to enhance your mastery and to communicate with your Monad. You will be given keys, codes and transmissions to heal the planet and shown ways to work towards Ascension using the Rays and Ascension frequencies.

Ascension Level 3 - Being At One
This beautiful post graduate training course will enable you to reach higher than you could have imagined possible. You will be taught how to raise your vibrations yet again and to experience being 'at one'. This enhanced state will enlighten you by expanding your awareness even further. You will have the potential to have increased vision and to see things in a new light. This enhanced perspective means that your life will take on a new significance. It is important that you exercise regularly as you will be channelling extremely high energies.

Necessary pre-requisites: Ascension Level 2

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