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This training course is for all those who want to move to another level of mastery. Whether you are already a Healer and Light-worker or are just about to begin your spiritual quest, these workshops can enhance your mastery. You will learn many new tools and techniques that can expand your awareness and allow you to progress at the pace that suits you.

Spiritual Quest™, like life itself, is a personal journey of discovery. Along this path are many adventures, questions, exercises, meditations and opportunities for increasing mastery. Each stage is designed to allow you to clear out old problems; examine limiting beliefs that may have held you back and to move forward with confidence to the next stage of The Spiritual Quest™. The Ascended Masters will be working with us and supporting us on this wonderful journey.

Spiritual Quest™ was developed for three reasons: firstly as a process to help us to achieve our full potential and to live in love, joy, peace and happiness, experiencing a heart to heart and soul to soul connection with all. The effect of each person making a small contribution will expand and expand until the critical number is reached and there are enough like-minded people to make a shift in the consciousness of the people on the earth and of the Planet itself. Secondly our Spiritual Quest™ leads us to serve humanity and to help others to fulfil their full potential. Thirdly we are shown how to respect and heal the planet and all that grows and flows upon it.

As we progress through The Spiritual Quest™, concepts will be explained in more detail. There are interesting exercises to complete along the way that will help to make a move to the next stage of development. There will be ‘Aha!’ moments and significant shifts can be experienced while doing these tasks.

Part of the process will involve helping you to raise your vibrations in easy and rewarding stages. The Spiritual Quest™ enables us to expand our awareness, contact our guides, heal others, heal the planet, experience the 'oneness', channel, experience new energies, communicate with Beings of Light, prepare for Ascension and many other interesting adventures. You will learn how to heal the emotional, mental and physical bodies, to be in control of your emotions, and to find a place of peace. The meaning of life and the role you play in it will become clearer. You will be able to receive higher guidance.

You can attend these workshops in Lancashire in the Autumn and Spring and in Greece in the Summer. People tend to experience a great boost in their spiritual development when they are able to enjoy the friendship, fellowship and support of participating in a training course with other like-minded people. The Spiritual Quest™ workshops take place in Lancashire on 3 days over three weekends spaced a month apart. Each 3 day workshop enables the person to reach new levels of development so that they are ready for the next stage.

The course will take place on the 26-28th September, 24-26th October and 28-30th November 2003.

For future dates, please contact us.

The Spiritual Quest workshops will take place in Lancashire England.
Part one will run in September and December
Part two in October and January
Part three in November and February

Early Booking is advised

A two week intensive will be held in Greece in July.

We recommend that people attend the work-shops but for those
unable to do so, we will be offering a distance learning course.


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